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Walnut Council


Founded in 1970 the Walnut Council is an international association representing nearly 1000 woodland owners, foresters, forest scientists and wood-producing industry representatives in 45 states and seven foreign countries. The purpose of the Council is to assist in the technical transfer of forest research to field applications, help build and maintain better markets for wood products and nut crops, and to promote sustainable forest management, conservation, reforestation, and utilization of American black walnut and other high quality fine hard-woods. The Walnut Council has 12 state chapters and publishes quarterly bulletins. Kansas established a local chapter in 1999 which currently has around 50 members.



Benefits of Membership
  • Quarterly subscription to the national Walnut Council Bulletin.

  • Membership with the Walnut Council provides simultaneous membership with the Kansas Forestry Association, a 501c3 that serves as an umbrella organization for Tree Farm, Walnut Council (KS Chapter) and Stewardship Coordinating Committee

  • Opportunities to attend the annual National Walnut Council and Chapter summer meeting.

  • New member information packet.

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