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Tree Farm


Since 1963, Kansas Tree Farmers have been managing and protecting their share of the 2 million acres of the state’s private forestland. The Kansas Tree Farm Program is part of the American Tree Farm System, (a program of the American Forest Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3)), which networks with 73,000 family forest owners and 4,400 foresters nationwide.


Tree Farm is a volunteer program with more than 100 certified Kansas Tree Farmers who meet the American Forest Foundation’s Standards of Sustainability on nearly 6,000 acres of forestland.



Qualifications for Tree Farm Recognition


  • Own at least 10 acres of contiguous forestland.

  • Have a written forest management plan to guide forestry projects.

  • Ensure enough trees remain after timber harvests through proper tree selection, encouraging natural regeneration, and replanting openings.

  • Minimize disturbances adjacent to streams.

  • Maintain or enhance habitat for fish, wildlife and plants listed in the forest management plan.

  • Recognize historical, biological, archaeological, cultural, and geological sites of special interest.

  • Recognize and protect the aesthetic value of the forest.



Benefits of Tree Farming


  • Professional forestry advice and management plan.

  • Network with forest owners, foresters, consultants, loggers, timber buyers and researchers.

  • Invitations to forestry field days and seminars.

  • One complimentary issue per year of Tree Farmer Magazine.

  • Recognition that your forest lands meet national and international standards of sustainable forestry.

  • A free Tree Farm sign to display on your forestland to promote good forest stewardship.



Steps to Becoming Recognized


To be put in touch with your local forester, call the Kansas Forest Service at (785) 532-3300 or email  Or fill out and mail in the side panel of the How to Become a Kansas Tree Farmer brochure below.

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