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Online Registration
Membership Information

Name:  ________________________________________________________________________

Business Name (if applicable):  _____________________________________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:  ________________________________________________________________

Email:  ________________________________________________________________________


Membership Options (only 1 criterion must be met for membership, but multiple can apply)

____  I am a certified Tree Farmer with the American Tree Farm System (ATFS).        + $0.00    

____  I am a member of the Kansas Chapter of the Walnut Council (KWC).                + $0.00  

____  I have a Lifetime Membership with the Kansas Forestry Association.                 + $0.00  

____  I want a membership with the Kansas Forestry Association.                               + $20.00  


                                                                                                                 Membership Total:_____________


Donation Options (fill in the amount you wish to donate at the appropriate level)

Amount                 Level Benefits

$20 - $99             Cottonwood - name/business name in newsletter, KFA logo pen

$100 - $499         Pecan - Cottonwood level, plus tote bag

$500 - $999         Oak - Pecan level, plus Kansas Forest Service tree bundle coupon

$1,000 +              Walnut - Oak level, plus Lifetime Membership


Donation Total:  _____________

Membership + Donation:  _____________


To join, renew your membership, or donate, please print this form and send with payment to:

Mail to:           Kansas Forestry Association

                       2610 Claflin Road

                       Manhattan, KS  66502-2798

Please make checks payable to: Kansas Forestry Association [EIN # 45-4419920]

Logos for inclusion in the newsletter will be accepted via email:

    ____  Please check if you want to have your name in the newsletter.

    ____  Please check if you want to receive incentives (e.g. pen, bag, tree bundle coupon, etc.).

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