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The Giving Tree


The Tree Farm Memorial and Honor Giving Program provides an avenue to celebrate those who share our unique love of the land through tax-deductible donations. Donations are given as a way to honor individual or family forest owners who want to leave a legacy to future generations in Kansas. We all have a shared passion for sustainable forestry, watersheds and healthy environmental habitats for wildlife and recreation.


Through the American Forest Foundation and the American Tree Farm System, family and friends can make contributions in lieu of flowers or cards for funerals, or in recognition of special occasions or accomplishments such as winning the Outstanding Forest Stewardship Tree Farmer of the Year Award or simply to support the mission of the Tree Farm Program in Kansas. Acknowledgement and donor thank you cards will be sent in response to each contribution.


All Kansas Tree Farm members, foresters, state forestry associations and other interested parties are invited to make contributions to the Program. Your contributions will enable the Kansas Tree Farm Committee to make a greater impact on Kansans who cherish their family owned woodlands and forests. Our dollars can make a difference to the forestlands in Kansas!


To donate to this charitable program, please make checks out to the American Forest Foundation and write Kansas Tree Farm Committee on the memo line. You are invited to fill out the side panel and mail it with your check to the Kansas Tree Farm Committee.

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