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The Kansas Forestry Association (KFA) is dedicated to sustaining the health and productivity of Kansas woodlands, windbreaks, and related natural resources. The KFA has approximately 200 members that include Kansas landowners who manage woodlands and windbreaks, tree farmers, walnut growers, ranchers, farmers, foresters, wildlife biologists, research scientists, loggers, natural resource organizations, government agencies, and people who simply love woodlands and windbreaks, and the wildlife and recreational opportunities they provide.

Membership Signs
  • KFA Logo and tagline as indicated below.
  • Aluminum composite, sized 28" x 10", full color imprint with UV protective ink.
  • Holes in each of the 4 corners for easy display.  

The Kansas Forestry Association, Kansas Forest Service, and Kansas Association of Conservation and Environmental Education partnered on a grant to get teachers connected with local tree farmers.  Training for the teachers and the farm tour will be Saturday, February 9th in Emporia.  

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